If you plan on taking a long road trip, there are several tips to keep in mind before getting behind the wheel. A general rule of thumb is that a driver should take a break at a rest stop along the road every 60 minutes. If you think that you’ll need to stop frequently during a long trip, then use alternative local roads instead of highways that only have a few exits along the way.

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Safety Tips For Driving In Large Cities

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Safety Tips For Driving In Large Cities

Watch Out For Bicyclists
Rule number one is to share the road with bicyclists. First, they are reducing their carbon emission levels by riding a bike. Second, they are conserving space on the road. Third, there is no reason why you cannot be kind and share the road. In fact, penalties have become stricter for interfering with the bike lanes.

Keep An Eye on Pedestrians
Rule number two is to be conscientious of wandering pedestrians. In a major city, people will jaywalk right in the middle of the Read the rest of this entry »

The Dangers Of Driving On Modern Freeways

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Modern freeways are nothing like the roads and streets that most of us learned to drive on. Some people choose to bypass driving on freeways altogether whenever possible because of the dangers involved. High speeds and high vehicle density creates situations where accidents are common, particularly when traveling near large urban centers. Alternative routes are not always available, however, and many drivers appreciate the convenience of driving on freeways. If you are going to drive on a freeway and you are not used to large Read the rest of this entry »

When Should Age Make You Give Up Driving?

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Being behind the wheel of a vehicle is a rite of passage and a symbol of freedom for many people. For others, driving is an absolute necessity with no other viable alternatives. For many older drivers, knowing when it’s time to stop driving can be a difficult process that involves a multitude of safety and health factors.

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Traversing the roads has gradually become more hazardous over the years. Despite advances in technology, the highways and byways seem to be wrought with peril. The changes in attitude towards driving are a root problem to the increased uncertainty the freeways hold for the daily commute.

Advances in the speed of everyday life have yet to be seen on the roads. Instant gratification can not be achieved behind the wheel. The commute time five years ago is the same Read the rest of this entry »

Should You Take Safe Driving Lessons?

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Whether you are someone who finds that they need a refresher course in driving or you are simply getting started, you may find that it is worth your while to take safe driving lessons. Driving lessons are initially meant to teach you what you need to do, starting with the mechanics of the vehicle that you are looking at, but safe driving lessons take things one step further.

Safe driving lessons teach you how to drive defensively. They sharpen your awareness as to the dangers on the road and they make sure that you are ready to face anything that the world wants to throw at you.Additional information can be found at http://a49drivingacademy.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/driving-lessons-in-wigan-this-summer/. They offer you a little more protection when you are looking at what is going on out there, and they can be quite the life saver as you take a look at the road conditions today!

Safe driving lessons also let you build up quite a lot of confidence as you start to drive. For example, some people who have been in bad accidents find that having a little more instruction behind them can be very good for them.

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